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Plainville, CT
EST. 1885
The Plainville Fire Company has provided fire protection and rescue services to the citizens of Plainville, CT since 1885. It protects a 9.3 square mile area with a population of 17,000. This area has 2 interstate highways, an airport, a heavy industrial base as well as large residential areas. The Plainville Fire Company is the social arm of the Plainville Fire Department and supplies manpower during times of alarm. The Company consists of 70 regular members and up to 20 probationary firefighters. All firefighters are trained at the Hartford County Regional Fire School and must meet the state certification requirements of Firefighter 1. The Fire Company is also a supporter of the community in many ways, which includes numerous educational scholarships awarded to local students every year. The Fire Company also operates the Hot Air Balloon Festival yearly. It is the largest town wide event that occurs in Plainville and attracts as many as 25,000 visitors. It is for these reasons and many more that the Plainville Fire Company is extremely proud of its service to the community of Plainville.
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Plainville Firefighters Have New Tools To Help Fight Fires
Plainville Firefighters have some new I.T. tools to assist them in locating hydrants, mapping, be notified of what type of fire it is, and also information on chemicals.
The Fire Dept. recently installed iPads in their apparatus.  On the iPads are several helpful apps, including IAmResponding (IAR), which tells fellow firefighters who is responding to the alarm, the location of the alarm, and location of area hydrants.  It includes a map of the area as well.  Not only is the information displayed in the apparatus, it is also sent to firefighter's smartphones as well.  The iPads also have other apps to assist firefighters, including extrication information, chemical information, floor plans for higher risk buildings and a weather radar app.
This info is also displayed on the apparatus floor so firefighters can see exactly where the alarm is located and who is responding.  This all starts in Dispatch, where the dispatcher sends the information effortlessly to smartphones and the IAR app.
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The Plainville Fire Company wishes to congratulate the following recipients of the Fire Company Memorial Scholarship and the George & Ridabell Seymour Scholarship:
Justin Plourde, Carly Brunelle, Michael Munson, Megan Dalena, Trevor Roy, Brett Snowden, Taylor Doughty, Kyla Nichols, Hunter Lennon and Kayla Plourde.  We wish the recipients and all the Class of 2015 much success in their future endeavors!
Photo courtesy of Mark A. Redman Photography